Digitalization and visualization of the most important museum collections of traditional costumes and jewelry by introducing the new 3D technology (VIRTUAL MUSEUM)

Located in southeastern part of Serbia and with the population of 260.237inhabitants (2011), Niš is held for the third largest city in Republic of Serbia. In the second part of XX century, it was recognised as a leading center of Yugoslav electornic industry. Unfortunately, such image collapsed during the political and economical turmoil at the end of the century. These events made a space for promotion of this city as leading educational and medical center in this part of the Balkans. As educational center, Niš offers more that twenty state and private faculties with several dozens of various departments. All together, in period 2012/2013. they recorded more that 22.500 Serbian native and foreigh students. As supreme medical center for south-east Serbia, the clinics, hospitals and medical isntitutions in Niš are taking care of more that 1.5 milion citizens from whole region who gravitate toward it.

At the beggining of XXI century new trend is defined in developing and promoting Niš as a community. It is a policy in tourist manner, heavely based on its cultural and historical heritage, both material and non-material. Only on the first look with the same pedigree as the most of the Balkan cities, Niš share with them the same historical evolution in Antique, Roman, medieval, Ottoman and modern era. However, presence of significant historical individuals in the past, and being a place of important events (both for Serbian and european history), these factors highlight the uniqueness of Niš in compare with neighbouring cities.

Visiting Niš means revealing it’s museums, galeries, memoiral parks, libraries and theatres. Enjoying it’s wideknown cousine means fulfiling your impression about it. Tasting it vivid streetlife and nightlife means scenting the mentality of the local people, both benevolent and hospitable.  All writen between the lines in the tourist brochures, but in Niš opened as on the palm to all guests.

Beside being a pearl for the conneseurs of Balkan heritage, this city benefits outstanding strategical possition which marked it as an unavoidable stop on a route Istanbul-Vienna. Also, being in a very center between Serbian (Belgrade) and two neighbouring capitals (Skoplje and Sofia), having it’s own airport Car Konstantin I, Niš presents the best solution for making a base for visiting whole Balkan.